we’re well positioned to deliver sustained value for our investors while operating our business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We recognize we have a responsibility to share information about our business and our priorities in the areas of health and safety, environmental stewardship, workforce diversity, community outreach, and corporate governance.​
Our Sustainability Report is an important part of that process. It provides an overview of ZFS and our culture and highlights the actions we’ve taken and the results we’ve achieved in several environmental, social, governance related areas. We’ll build on it going forward to keep you informed about our efforts to maintain a sustainable company and responsibly develop oil and natural gas resources. In the report, we also provide quantitative results for our performance in various ESG areas based on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards for Oil and Gas – Exploration & Production.

Sustainability has become a core part of our strategy. Therefore, in order to be one of the leading sustainable terminal operators, we offer tailor-made solutions to support the energy transition. Furthermore, by starting to understand and measure our impact on the key subjects within the environmental, governance & social topics, we engage our employees and stakeholders to develop sustainable plans and achieve goals.

Governance can be defined as an establishment of policies and continuous monitoring of sustainability activities. This includes mechanisms required to balance the sustainable prosperity and viability of the organisation.